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Below we feature a few of our recent International students. Click on an image to read what they have to say about their International student experience.


My experience at Bournemouth & Poole College was rich and unique! A relevant approach on Tourism and Hospitality was part of my days in England and the experience on a luxury cruise was the apex of all academic mobility. An enriching experience that will be remembered for the rest of my life.

Guilherme, from Brazil

Host family very attentive, always clean, and cook different food types. They regularly ask if I need anything.

Mystery Person

I am 22 years old and I am majoring in English and English Literature in Korea. Last term, I decided to go to The Bournemouth and Poole College in England. There are several reasons why I chose this place. First of all, I love Britain’s history, culture and even their attractive accent too! While I was in Korea, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to learn about British English when I was in school. If you are Korean and say something in a British accent, I think almost everyone would look at you because most Koreans are exposed to American English. However, it doesn’t mean that Korean people hate British accent. Actually, they love it and want to pronounce that way.

Anyway, being in the United Kingdom I am fascinated by its rich and varied history, architecture and beautiful countryside and landscapes, particularly the North part. In addition, the public transportation such as the bus and rail systems are convenient and well-developed. Above everything, I was impressed by British people’s attitude (or manner) to disabled or old people. They are polite and always think about them especially in public places.

Bournemouth is a peaceful and safe place and there is the famous Bournemouth beach! In this College, there are various choices of courses. I think this system is helping students to design and build their future. When I took my first class in here, teachers helped me to getting used to this college system and suggest extra curriculum programmes such as sport activities or seminars. Teachers are attentive and caring about students all the time. Through teachers, you can learn about study skills, rules of writing essay or IELTS as well. Also, you could meet friends from many countries and get to know about another country’s custom and culture. From class, I learned not only language but also England’s culture, literature and even street words! The College arranged some trips for a cheap price and I visited Oxford, Thorpe Park and Devon. Now I feel like I want to know more about the UK and visit here at least one more time. That is my future plan but for now, I’m trying to do my best to figure out what kind of person I really want to be in my future. Hopefully, something related to what I have learned and achieved at The Bournemouth and Poole College.

Nasil Kim, from South Korea

I am interested in the course and it was challenging. In UK there is a different make-up style to Korea. I loved living in Bournemouth as it is not a busy city and the weather is usually sunny. I hope to go on to study at Bournemouth University.

Hwasomi Jo, from South Korea

I felt nervous when I first came here on my own, however, it has changed. There is happy and precious memory at school, teachers are very kind, they always give me motivation to study hard and help me if I am helpless at something. Classmates are friendly, we make friends and talk with each other even though we are not from same country.

In addition, the deepest impression is my course, it is completely different with courses in my country, but they are active and happy. I have been learning a lot of knowledge about English, life and UK. I think that I make great progress. Besides I want to say the city Bournemouth I love. There are too many beautiful landscapes which make me feel happy and comfortable. Time flies, but the precious memory will be remembered.

Jiayi Zhang, from China

This was truly the most amazing experience of my life so far. Living and visiting another countries, tasting different foods, being connected with different cultures, talking every day in another language with people from all over the world, were certainly the greatest part of this experience. The Bournemouth and Poole College will always have a place in my heart. Since the beginning I felt very welcome and as the days passed by I felt like I belonged to this place and I certainly did. I will miss this place and the people a lot.

Luis, from Minas Gerais in Brazil

I loved everything since I started 10 months ago. The teachers have been excellent, welcoming and friendly. The classes were well balanced with lots of opportunities to talk as well as study grammar. Teachers were good listeners and they tailored my course.  My host family has also been really good, they really make me feel like at home. A very supportive host mother and host father. I had a couple of other students in the house who were British so I improved my speaking a lot!

The Bournemouth and Poole College is a very good place to learn English. I chose Bournemouth because I knew I would get a real British experience and also because there is a moderate accent. When I finish I will come back to South Korea continuing in my current job but hoping I will move to an English speaking position so I can use all I have learnt here.

My experience at The Bournemouth and Poole College could not be better.

Danbi Na, from South Korea

It was my fervent wish to get out of the country, see the world, have a little bit of adventure, and see what opportunities lies behind all the islands that surround me. When I had the chance, I grabbed it straight away and booked my ticket to the UK.

Time flies, it was just July 2009 when I first stepped foot in this country. I can’t believe I’m almost finished with my 2 year course VRQ Level 2/3 in Professional Catering. It felt so recent when I just came, studied and moulded myself with the English Language and found a job as a Kitchen Porter in one of the hotels in Bournemouth. It all started from there.

Working in the kitchen influences a lot for me to take the decision in pursuing the course; I was in a dilemma whether to enrol or not to enrol for the course. My former Head Chef used to tell me, you must do something about it. I feel blessed and dignified for choosing Bournemouth and Poole College as my mentor. All my tutors have been very helpful and passionate with the knowledge they bestowed us. They did whatever they can, for us to fully appreciate the real essence of cooking and being an eminent chef. I can never thank them enough to have fully mould and educate me for what I have achieved.

In the end, I would like to encourage everyone not to give up with their dreams or never stop dreaming. As Gloria Steinem once said “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Catherine Angeles, from the Philippines

I have studied Electronics at Bournemouth and Poole College. There are three main reasons why I chose The College. Firstly, there are well-experienced tutors as electronics specialists. Secondly, it is a very safe area to learn and live. Last but not least, both Bournemouth and Poole have absolutely beautiful beach.

I chose this course because it provides me education of electronics from the fundamentals to their application. As I did not have any background of an engineer it is truly suitable for me. I learned loads of electronics knowledge very good by not only normal lectures also using simulation software and CAD. On the beginning of my course, I could not speak well because education of the UK is quite different from Japan. Nevertheless, I could keep learning with all generous helps from my tutors. In addition, I could use the study support centre in the library to get my assignments checked.

I enjoyed life in Bournemouth and Poole. As The College runs some sports clubs I used to play football. And I would often go running and cycling to the beach. So this area is a wonderful location to do sports.

Furthermore, The College organises several type of events such as school trips. Particularly, I really had fantastic time in the International Student Day event which I could introduce culture of my country to students from other countries.

After this course, I would obtain an engineer occupation and in future I would be an electronics engineer who can be actively involved in international projects. I am really sure my future never be the same as the past.

Last, I would offer my heartfelt thanks for my wonderful tutors, the international staff and friends.

Masakazu Shimomoto, from Japan

In all senses, I have lived one of the most unforgettable and rewarding learning experiences in my life.

Volney Da Silva Amaral, from Brazil

They do everything to make me happy.

Mystery Person

I’m Jessie Han and I was one of Art & Design students who studied at Bournemouth and Poole College. Basically, I think the college is the right place for the student who is interested in art and if they are not sure about the specific pathway they want to study they can change their pathway any time during the course.

My most enjoyable and beneficial parts of the study were that we can communicate with classmates from different countries with diverse cultures and tutors about our works in personal tutorial time in order to improve our personal abilities. Moreover, tutors taught us many professional and helpful techniques and methods, encouraging every student to develop their own ideas. There were obviously good effects in our artworks surely.

I enjoyed my time at Bournemouth and Poole College and I’m so grateful to every tutor for their help.


I am very happy with my host family and the accommodation.

Mystery Person

Teachers of The College are very kind and sophisticated to teach subjects. They always support us until we understand. I could learn the subjects in a very welcome study environment and find I am interested in the study here.

Bournemouth and Poole are very safe but also easy to access to the town centres. Also there are lots of international students in Bournemouth so I could make many international friends. I hope to become a nurse or a teacher and am planning to go to university.

Chie Mizuguchi, from Japan

It was a good experience because I learned a different make-up style than in Korea. It was good that the process was more important than the result. The people here were very kind and it was nice to be near the sea. I am hoping to have a career in retail back in Korea.

Sueyon Seo, from South Korea

The Bournemouth and Poole College is definitely a good place to go for International students because The College not only offers a professional education, but also organises a lot of activities especially for International students. In addition, Bournemouth is a wonderful town with beautiful beach and friendly people. After this course I’m going to University to continue my study in the UK.

The International Access to High Education Business course is a great course. It was particularly designed for students who want to study Business in the future. One thing that I really like is the course included Study Skills. It’s very helpful to improve my IELTS and get used to new learning methods. I am now studying Business Management at Cardiff University.

Huizhe Li, from China
Access to Higher Education – Business

I enjoyed every single opportunity to improve my English, to learn about a new culture, to make friends and I’m sure that I will be a better tourism professional from now. This is a life-changing experience, hope that more and more people can have the same opportunity that I had!

Ana, from Sao Paulo, Brazil

I felt included in my time at The College and enjoyed my course. Bournemouth has a beautiful sand beach which is the best place to spend holiday time. Also I was doing volunteer work at a charity shop which was good. It was an invaluable experience for me to meet lots of people from different countries. In the future I would like to join an international organisation and help people in need.

Miko Tagawa, from Japan

My family are very nice people. A very good host family, Host of the Year! Talking to me, integrating me into the family, always open for questions.

Mystery Person

I enjoyed my course because it gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. I loved spending time studying in the UK because it really helped me understand the culture of the country. I loved living in Bournemouth as everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed meeting new people and understanding their culture. I also had a very good experience staying in my home stay.

I am extremely happy with my teachers and the staff in The College. They were always so helpful and supportive. I’d like to thank them for their support during my course. I participated in some international events the college hosted. They were very interesting and helped me meet different students from a variety of countries.

I will return to India, after I finish my Diploma in International Cabin Crew, and I aim to apply to international airlines. I want to say a big thank you to everyone!

Nimisha Puthussery Manuel, from India

I am a student of Industrial Engineering in Colombia and am in the last year of my studies. I came here to learn English because it is really important in your life to find a good job. Now I am thinking to make my Masters here in the UK because at the moment I feel good when I try to speak or read English.

The teachers at The College are really nice, they help you in all that you need and your classmates are friendly. Every day I feel that the best place to study in Bournemouth is The College, I feel that I can understand better than when I arrived in the UK, I really feel I am learning well. Bournemouth is a beautiful place, sunny and has a beautiful beach, I really enjoy this town.

Juan Gregorio Cruz Espinel, from Colombia

The opportunity to study in Bournemouth was unique and absolutely amazing. I learned much more than travel and tourism. In addition, this experience in the United Kingdom gave me the chance to live in a country I’ve always admired. I also felt very welcome and had all the support I needed from the Bournemouth and Poole College. These months here will be something I will never forget.

Nicole, from San Antonio, Brazil

Very friendly, I feel like part of the family, my hosts are amazing.

Mystery Person

I came to the UK to develop my English Level from conversational to fluent in order to achieve a better position in my work.

Before I can to the UK, I was indecisive because sometimes we are involved in our daily routine instead of taking challenges. Today I am grateful to have had the opportunity to study in the UK and The College has given me many new meaningful experiences. First of all the environment is totally suitable to improve my level of English. The College has created classes with students of many nationalities which is extremely interesting. Furthermore, my teacher is so committed to us, she always encourages me with my homework which is focused on my interest as a student but also on my main career as a Social Communicator.

I just want to say many thanks for giving me so much learning in terms of knowledge, and the splendid life experience. Living in Bournemouth is like living in paradise. The atmosphere is quiet, the beach is amazing and the remarkable thing is that people are always happy to help you. Why wouldn’t everyone enjoy this gorgeous place! Bournemouth is surrounded by many great villages and also near to London. I am totally confident that I can recommend to everyone this study destination. You won’t regret it, ever!

Solanye Martinez Garcia, from Colombia

I am an engineer graduated from The University of La Sabana, Colombia. The last two years I was working as an environmental teacher and doing a volunteering job. I came to the UK because I wanted to level up my English and have an international experience in an incredible country as England is.

After finishing my English course I am planning to go back to Colombia and work with environmental projects which get involved with vulnerable communities and shanty areas. My aim is to create a change of culture and generate development within the society.

I want to work with non-governmental organizations, or National organizations which realize social projects. The English course that I took at The College provided me with the skills to manage English speaking and succeed with it. My time at The College was very enjoyable and the teachers helped me a lot.

Living in Bournemouth was an incredible time, it is pretty good because almost everything is close, it has a nice beach, people are polite and friendly and the city has a lovely student atmosphere.

The College offered support in my aims, as I had the chance of sharing the project in which I am working ‘Litre of Light’ and we made a fundraising event linking with the student community in Bournemouth.

Alejandro Clavijo Pachon, from Colombia

I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity that I was given. Study at Bournemouth and Poole College was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I highly believe it will improve a lot my career and professional skills.

Bárbara Oliveira da Silva, from Brazil

I have enjoyed my time here at Bournemouth & Poole College a lot. There are so many friendly and enthusiastic teachers who are willing to help you study English. I have been able to improve my English thanks to these teachers.

In addition to that, all the staff are very supportive. They helped me with all the administrative work so I could focus solely on studying. Thank you all.

Student from South Korea

The Bournemouth and Poole College is a good place to study International Access to University Science course. The teachers were always very helpful to me. As one of the International students it was fairly hard for me to get accustomed to the UK education system. Each time when I finished my subjects, I was always being welcomed to ask questions and share what I knew. With the teachers’ help, guidance and patience, I was able to achieve great results with enough credits to get into Bristol University to study Pharmacy.

By studying the Bournemouth and Poole College programme it was possible to gain enough credits to meet the entry requirements of different top-ranking UK universities.


My host family are very supportive and I am very satisfied with my accommodation.

Mystery Person

This course has given me a very useful insight into the hospitality industry. It has given me key skills and knowledge such as customer communication, working in a team, costing menus, food safety and many more.

I’d like my future to be involved with hospitality particularly working in a bar, in doing so I will get to use the skills I’ve learnt on my course at The Bournemouth and Poole College. Life here in Bournemouth is wonderful because people around here are friendly, welcoming, and there are a lot of career opportunities.


The private tutoring provided by The Bournemouth and Poole College was exceptional, tailored to my personal needs as it addressed my weaknesses directly and, finally, was of utmost importance for me succeeding in the exams.

I am glad I had the chance to be a student at The College and I would definitely recommend it.

Theodosios, OET Preparation Course
Theodosios, from Greece