I have studied Electronics at Bournemouth and Poole College. There are three main reasons why I chose The College. Firstly, there are well-experienced tutors as electronics specialists. Secondly, it is a very safe area to learn and live. Last but not least, both Bournemouth and Poole have absolutely beautiful beach.

I chose this course because it provides me education of electronics from the fundamentals to their application. As I did not have any background of an engineer it is truly suitable for me. I learned loads of electronics knowledge very good by not only normal lectures also using simulation software and CAD. On the beginning of my course, I could not speak well because education of the UK is quite different from Japan. Nevertheless, I could keep learning with all generous helps from my tutors. In addition, I could use the study support centre in the library to get my assignments checked.

I enjoyed life in Bournemouth and Poole. As The College runs some sports clubs I used to play football. And I would often go running and cycling to the beach. So this area is a wonderful location to do sports.

Furthermore, The College organises several type of events such as school trips. Particularly, I really had fantastic time in the International Student Day event which I could introduce culture of my country to students from other countries.

After this course, I would obtain an engineer occupation and in future I would be an electronics engineer who can be actively involved in international projects. I am really sure my future never be the same as the past.

Last, I would offer my heartfelt thanks for my wonderful tutors, the international staff and friends.