International Success Story 2015-16 Chunyao QIN (Tiffany)

30 January, 2017

Student Chunyao QIN (Tiffany), seated, with fellow students
Student Chunyao QIN (Tiffany), seated, with fellow students

Tiffany was 17 years old, living with a host family and studying EFL in September 2015 but expressed an interest in doing Level 3 Business.  Her tutors felt she could cope on the course and she moved to the CAVA  International Access to University Business Studies course.

She contributed and achieved extremely well during the course, fully justifying her move from EFL. She also reached IELTS Band 6.0 during the year. Tutors felt that being in a supportive host family especially helped her listening and speaking skills. It also meant that she had a quiet place to study in the evenings and at weekends.

Tiffany’s final result was an outstanding 42 Distinctions and 3 Merits out of the 45 graded units. She was nominated for a BPC International College Scholarship of £5,000 towards her University tuition fees, and won. It was felt that she had not only made the move quickly from EFL to Level 3 Business and gained an excellent result but was one of the youngest but most mature students in the class. She had also gained entry to a top UK University.

Tiffany is now at Lancaster University studying Accounting and Finance.