I am an engineer graduated from The University of La Sabana, Colombia. The last two years I was working as an environmental teacher and doing a volunteering job. I came to the UK because I wanted to level up my English and have an international experience in an incredible country as England is.

After finishing my English course I am planning to go back to Colombia and work with environmental projects which get involved with vulnerable communities and shanty areas. My aim is to create a change of culture and generate development within the society.

I want to work with non-governmental organizations, or National organizations which realize social projects. The English course that I took at The College provided me with the skills to manage English speaking and succeed with it. My time at The College was very enjoyable and the teachers helped me a lot.

Living in Bournemouth was an incredible time, it is pretty good because almost everything is close, it has a nice beach, people are polite and friendly and the city has a lovely student atmosphere.

The College offered support in my aims, as I had the chance of sharing the project in which I am working ‘Litre of Light’ and we made a fundraising event linking with the student community in Bournemouth.